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Suehiro Fine Flattening Stone -#300

$39.00 USD

Suehiro, a Japanese waterstone manufacturer from Niigita province in Japan, has a long history of producing high quality, yet affordable ‘toishi’ (sharpening stones). For many years now, they have produced an outstanding range of sharpening stones and continue to produce them today.


Quality is of utmost importance to Suehiro and that is made evident in his sharpening stones. A stone bought from them 30 years ago performs in the same way when used today. In Japan, you will likely see Suehiro sharpening stones almost everywhere; from department stores, home centers, and fine cutlery dealers.

  • Fine flattening stones are for sharpening stones with above 1000 grit
  • The fine grit flattening stone will not leave deep grooves on the surface of the stone when being flattened.
  • Smooth surface on fully flattened sharpening stones.


Brand: Suehiro 
Size:30mmH x53mm x 205mm 

Use & Precaution 


Before using this Suehiro sharpening stone, splash water on the #3000 grit side only. Never soak it! 

Do not also soak in water finishing stones #3000 and above. After use, let the stone dry thoroughly. Returning a stone into its box while still wet or damp will result in molding and might decrease in quality.

It usually takes 1 –2 weeks for us to restock should this item is not available.